Feeler Machines

CNC Turning Centre Lathes (Linear) and Vertical Machining Center

Feeler is a global company, boasting over 13 Brands and 23 companies in its Machine Tool  Division with representation worldwide. Feeler stives to provide the world with qulity machine tools at affordable prices through the synergy of its 4000 dedicated employees. Feeler is currently producing over 10 000 machine tools annually while showing impressive growth and have the honor of being one of the top 20 largest machine tool manufacturers in the world.

Craft Machine Tools have been representing Feeler in South Africa for over 18 years and successfully completed over 500 installations and offer an extensive range of CNC Milling Machines covering just about every application. For qualty, precision and reliability within a production environment Feeler will give you performance beyond expectations. 

Lathes (Linear)

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Our Comprehensive range of machines tools covers most manufacturing requirements, and even if it’s not a regular stock item, we will import the correct machine to suit your needs