Slant bed CNC Lathe

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch CNC machining solutions equipped with industry-standard accessories and cutting-edge features.

Our CNC machining standard accessories are meticulously selected to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in your machining operations. From the semi-isolated table shield to the cutting fluid circulation system, each accessory is designed to optimize performance and ensure precise machining results.

Commitment to quality extends to every detail, including the auto lubrication system, spindle airflow, lamps, pause lamps, leveling adjusting screws, and clamping apparatus, providing you with a comprehensive suite of tools to tackle any machining task with confidence.

But we don’t stop there, we understand that every machining project is unique, and our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to offer additional features and optional accessories tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require advanced automation capabilities, specialized tooling solutions, or customized machining configurations, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

FTC-450-Slant bed Lath machine
Swing over bedmmØ550Ø580Ø670Ø750
Swing over saddlemmØ260Ø400Ø450Ø550
Standard turning diametermmØ180Ø327Ø327Ø271
Max. turning diametermmØ300Ø350Ø450Ø640
Max. turning lengthmm320340, 660L, 1000XL650808, 1,440L, 1934XL
Bar CapacitymmØ52Ø52Ø78Ø117.5
X-axis travelmm150+20175+25225+25320+25
Z-axis travelmm350380, 700L, 1040XL700870, 1500L, 2000XL
Tailstock travel typetypeManualManualManualProgrammable
Tailstock travelmm300290610810
Quill travel typetypeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Quill DiameterØ50Ø50Ø70Ø100Ø110
Quill strokemm8090100100
Quill taperMTMT-3MT-4MT-4MT-5
Rapid transverse X-axism/min24303020
Rapid transverse Z-axism/min24303020
Spindle speedrpm6000450035002000(2 Step)
Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-8A2-11
Hydraulic chuck diametermmØ169(6")Ø210(8')10"15"
Spindle bore diametermmØ62Ø62 (Ø76)Ø88Ø131
Spindle bearing diametermmØ90Ø100Ø130Ø180
Spindle tapermmMT-61:201:201:20
Live tooling spindle speedmm- -(4000)-(4000)-(3,000)
No. of toolset108(12)8(12VDI40)/(12)12(VD160)
Standard O.D tool sizemm20252532
I.D. tool size (max)mmØ25Ø40Ø40Ø50
Tool changing timesec0.
Spindle motor (cont/30)kW7.5/1115/18.5 (7.5/15)13/2222/26
X/Y/Z/E servo motorkW1.6(X) / 1.6(Z)3(X) / 3(Z)3(X)/3(Z)4(X)/4(Z)
Live tooling spindle cover(count/30)- -(2.2/3.7)-/(2.2/3.7)- (11/15)
Positioning accuracy X/Y/Zµm10(X) / 10(Z)10(X) / 10(Z)10(X)/10(Z)10(X)/25(Z)
Repeatability accuracy X/Y/Zµm6(X) / 6(Z)6(X) / 6(Z)6(X)/6(Z)6(X)/6(Z)
Power CapacityKVA15253045
Coolant tank capacity1100170185200
Machine widthmm2,5002,5643,4253,580 (3,680)
Machine depthmm1,5301,5801,7702,125
Machine heightmm1,6501,945 2,220 (2,280)2,415 (2,550)
Machine weightkg3,1003,500 / 4,000L, / 4500XL6,0009,550 / 10,500L, 11,500XL
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